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Ready or not, here I go!
By Lifan Hung - USA - 25 Nov/02 - Viewed 1338 times.

This is the first quiet moment in days. Since confirming my departure a week ago, there's been a whirlwind of last minute preparations and gatherings. Needless to say, I've been a little preoccupied and weighted down with innumerable tasks. So it was, again today. While on some last minute errand, I was deep thought when I drove passed a cemetery. Normally, eyes are adverted while driving this strech of road. Perhaps it's the Chinese upbringing, perhaps it's a denial of mortality. But today the field of bouquets enticed the eyes to have look. Today, there was a funeral in progress. It was a small group dressed in black. Standing apart from the main group, there stood a couple. The lady held a white hankerchief to her face. The man comforted her. A thought came to mind, "someone is having a REALLY bad day, probably a bad week." In this moment of realization, all the weight of my chores evaporated. And though my tasks were still with me, I knew I had absolutely nothing to complain about.

For the visitor, Las Vegas is full of excitement and wonder. There is something to please all the senses here. There are more shows than you can imagine, more food than you can eat. There are beautiful people, audacious lifestyles, an industry of hospitality, a world of pleasure and a promise of wealth. It grows everyday and it promises to be much more. It's funny to think that I never wanted to live in Las Vegas...didn't even like to visit. The key is, never say never! Las Vegas has been home for almost four years and it has been far better than I would care to admit. Making life-long friends, discovering a passion for salsa, unfolding the inner truth. No matter how much I might complain, these are the treasures that the desert has given to me. So, though mingled with excitement, there is also sadness to realizing that in just hours, this place will pass into memory and the future will begin to unfold.

Cheers to Las Vegas and everyone who has touched my life here!

Ready or not...Here I goooooooooo!

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