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Heathrow Terminal 4
By Sheila - England - 21 Aug/03 - Viewed 1872 times.

The taxi driver was a boy racer so we got to the airport in 1 hour 20 minutes. Hope we get a different driver going back!

Still it gave us plenty of time to sample the business class facilities while we waited for our flight to Vancouver. We had already checked in online so after leaving our bags at the Fast Bag Drop we were soon relaxing over coffee in pleasant surroundings.

There is free internet access so i thought i'd make the first brief entry while John watched some cricket.

It was bliss to get away from the airport noise into the lounge and before long we had spotted Sally Gunnel and Colin Jackson on their way to the world champion-ships.

I don't think i shall want to go back to Economy travel after this!

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Trip: Round the World in 5 Weeks
Entry: Airport
Date Taken: 24 Aug/03
Country: England
Taken By: Sheila
Viewed: 1198 times
Rated: 6.3/10 by 3 people